Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Baking Debate

I’ve thought about opening a bakery as a retirement business. A friend recommended I open one now so that it’s established by the time I retire - not that far distant of a future. The tricky bit to that idea is that I’ve already got a lot of irons in the fire. Adding a fairly major enterprise seems exhausting.

Another option is to create a cookbook. I originally started posting my recipes here as an alternative to creating a cookbook. Then I hit on a recipe I didn’t want to share - which surprised me. Apparently there is a part of me who really wants to be a chef (dessert chef most likely - major sweet tooth).

If I create a cookbook, I would start with the minimalist recipes - those that use very few kitchen appliances and/or very few ingredients. Most likely it would be self-published as I don’t have a baking platform to go the traditional route.

As things stand, I’ve opted to hide the dessert recipes here until I figure out what I’m doing next. Hopefully that won’t take long.