Saturday, November 24, 2018

Holiday Cranberry Cookies

This recipe is a riff off the Flourless Cookies. I divided the base here and made two different cookies. One came out really good and the other was just okay - brown rice flour muted the flavor significantly.

I used cinnamon sticks in this recipe as the amount of ground cinnamon in the house was on the low side. An online conversion says 1 stick - 1/2 tsp cinnamon, so I’ll give both below.

Tip: For the base, use twice as much applesauce as cranberry.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

1 pkg (12 oz) Cranberries
1 jar (24 oz) Applesauce
3 tbl Coconut Sugar (optional)
8 sticks (4 tsp) Cinnamon

Blend these ingredients until smooth.

For the okay cookies, I combined 2 cups base with 2 cups brown rice flour. I usually use almond flour for this, but I wanted a cookie that was nut-free. Less flour may have worked better in this case. These went onto a cookie sheet in 1 tbl mounds that got flattened into circles and baked for 40 minutes - flipped at 20 minutes. These came out more like tea biscuits with a very muted flavor.

For the good cookies, I combined the remaining 3 cups of base with 3 cups of coconut shreds. Using a 2 tsp cookie scoop, mound on a cookie sheet and leave as mounds. Bake for 40 minutes - flipping at 20 minutes. Flipping is a bit of a misnomer - basically get the flat part off the cookie sheet so it doesn’t burn.

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