Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sea'd Cakes

I had this idea to do a fish stick or fish cake using seeds as the base and seaweed for that fish flavor. I'd made a mock clam chowder many years ago with hijiki (aka hiziki) so I knew that could do the trick.

It's funny what goes on the labels of foods. After we got home from the grocery store, I read the directions on the hijiki to see if I needed to marinate it to get the best flavor. Well, yes, however the arsenic warning really caught my eye.

After a bit more research into what might be in packaged seaweeds, I decided against the fish cake idea no matter how clever I thought using "sea'd" in the name might be.

So now my savory seed base is sitting in the fridge waiting for inspiration to strike. I'll think of something tomorrow.

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