Wednesday, July 3, 2013

For Those Who Knew Chris Eldin

Chris took her own life almost a year ago and we just found out this week. There are a couple of efforts underway to memorialize her. From Stephen Parrish:

Phoenix Sullivan is putting together a digital tribute to Chris Eldin. Friends of Chris are invited to compose a testimonial for inclusion in the tribute.
It can take any form, including a eulogy, a letter to Chris, a favorite anecdote---anything you like. Let the style and content be a function of your personality as well as your own experience of her. If you want to submit something you've already posted, that's fine. If you want to keep things light, that's fine too; she was a natural humorist. Length is up to you.
Phoenix intends to publish the tribute next week, so please send your input to me at stephenparrish at hotmail dot com by the top of next week.

If you wish to add a link to a blog post, please check in with Paca here. That's also the place to go to read what others are saying about her and this tragedy.


fairyhedgehog said...

Just checking in to offer my sympathy to all who knew Chris.

Peter Dudley said...